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OBT Alignment

As digital connected services become more complex, operations become more specialized and technology becomes more fragmented. Nearly every operational process now requires specialized technology and as a result employees become isolated within those areas of specialization and lose their business perspective.

Operational, Business and Technology (OBT) Alignment is something that becomes exponentially more important as supply chains, partners, employees, contractors and things are increasingly connectd to, yet ultimately isolated from, the business as a whole. OBT Alignment enables digital service providers to understand where existing processes and/or systems fail to enable employees to correctly and efficiently meet customer expectations while ensuring that new technology is solving problems not creating them.

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Benefit From Experience

Often an outside perspective makes all the difference. ICT intuition consulting services provide strategy sessions for product planning, training for marketing and sales staff, message validation, and customized collateral. Targeted workshops and webinars are designed to engage employees and customers while presenting innovative solutions to the types of ICT business, operational, and technology challenges they face every day. Consulting is customized to the individual needs of our customers.

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