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Nancee Ruzicka
Phone: +1 920 216 6379

Nancee Ruzicka is the founder of ICT Intuition LLC and helps network operators define and execute strategies that grow business services revenue through digital transformation. Ms. Ruzicka started as an engineer at Lockheed Martin and became an accomplished analyst at Yankee Group and Stratecast after five years with US WEST Advanced Technologies.

ICT Intuition provides trusted research and consulting to operators, software companies and systems integrators worldwide. She is uniquely qualified to understand and apply digital ICT solutions to achieve business outcomes. Specifically;

Nancee Ruzicka
  • Agile Operations Planning and Optimization – Rapid definition of the operational processes and system requirements unique to business services operations.
  • Applied Operations workshops – Working with operators to define operational upgrades, systems rationalization strategies and the application of analytics to monetize business services.
  • Primary Market Research – Industry research focused on business services requirements, digital transformation and market progression.
Ms. Ruzicka was awarded dual graduate degrees in Computer Systems Management and Business Management and an undergraduate degree in Engineering. She is a featured speaker at industry events and frequent contributor to numerous business and industry publications.
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